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Business Management

International Master of Project Management (IMPM) 

Quality management is not a new phenomenon. Most entrepreneurs use at least one project-management tool whether they’re tracking client projects or organizing internal tasks. There are dozens of variables that can influence your project-management needs, including your philosophy, your team, your company size and your industry. Unfortunately, there aren’t many platforms that can offer you a universally effective system to address those needs.  To mitigate these problems and offer a different approach, GBMI has found many project-management tools that can help your team and entrepreneurial colleagues with your specific needs. Project management is just a set of tools – a roadmap if you will, that enables managers to guide a project from point A to point B and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and plain ‘ol ingenuity.

Course Topics

The Master in Project Management course offers a practical business perspective needed by project managers and it provides a comprehensive, rigorous educational experience that focuses on leading practices, principles, and methodologies associated with the project management science. Students can complete the program onsite or fully online.

The program’s curriculum stresses management and leadership concepts and complements students’ existing business and technical expertise. The range of project management knowledge and experience, including extensive content in areas such as quality, communications, project operations, organizational leadership, business ethics, risk management, contracts, project initiation, planning, financial management, and schedule control, are core knowledge domains in this program.  You will be prepared to direct major public and private projects, as well enterprise project portfolios in an increasingly complex business environment. You will graduate with the tools, techniques, skills, and knowledge to be an effective project manager and organizational leader with greatly improved prospects for career advancement or change.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the Project Management training, you will be able to demonstrate professional level competencies in the following key areas of project management and project management leadership. Students can complete the course of study onsite or fully online.

  • Manage the selection and initiation of individual projects and of portfolios of projects in the enterprise.

  • Conduct project planning activities that accurately forecast project costs, timelines, and quality. Implement processes for successful resource, communication, and risk and change management.

  • Demonstrate effective project execution and control techniques that result in successful projects.

  • Conduct project closure activities and obtain formal project acceptance. 

  • Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of ethics and professional responsibility.

  • Demonstrate effective organizational leadership and change skills for managing projects, project teams, and stakeholders.


  • MODULE 1: Principles of Project Management

  • MODULE 2: Leading Global Organizations

  • MODULE 3: Transforming Organizations

  • MODULE 4: Organizational Ethics 

  • MODULE 5: Intercultural Business Communication

  • MODULE 6: Management of Information Systems

  • MODULE 7: Applying Project Management Principles in IT

  • MODULE 8: Project Information and Communication Management

  • MODULE 9: Project Risk Analysis and Quality Assurance

  • MODULE 10: Project Management Operations

  • MODULE 11: Agile Project Management

  • MODULE 12Real Case Application

  • MODULE 13: Enterprise Project Management


  • EXAM

Course Pricing

Associate Certificate

Member: $880     Non-Member: $980 

Master Certificate

Member: $1,390     Non-Member: $1,590 

Doctor Certificate

Member: $2,390     Non-Member: $2,590 

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