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Our Members.

GBMI is Dedicated to Lifetime Learning and Career Progression for our Global Community of Businesses Management Professionals. We strive to inspire and enable innovation through technology, helping create transformative enterprises.


GBMI's purpose is to promote the electronic enterprise based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Business (EB), and e-commerce (Electronic Commerce, EC) academic research and promotion of practical applications in related fields in order to improve the level of professional talents. 

GBMI Certified professionals in the following areas:

1. AioT of Business Intelligence 

​2. Big Data Analyst

3. Blockchain Application 

4. Intelligent Transformation for IFIS+IT ERP 

5. Business APP Development and Design 

6. Total Solution for End to End Delivery

7. International Logistics Electronic System

8. PMS Planner

9. Restaurant Management System Planning

10. Purchasing Management

11. Enterprise Resource Planning for Human Resource Management, Operation Management, Financial Management

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