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The GBMI certification exam is a 3-hour long in class or computer-based examination. You will be given a total of 100 questions to test your proficiency as an IHRD, IHRM, IPMP, IFPMP, and IMP  professional; 65 of these questions will be knowledge items, with the remaining 35 being situational judgment items.
To register for the exam, check registration deadlines on the GBMI website. Typically, there are Four windows to take the examination annually, in Spring (January 1 to March 31),  Summer (April 1 to June 31), to September 31) Winter (December 1 to February 15).
Exam Fees include a non-refundable $50 application fee. For GBMI members, the fee is $580. For nonmembers, the fee is $650.
Online Examination (example)
What are the alternatives to recruitment, please explain them.
If you want to select "service staff", which of the following questions is designed, do you think it is more in line with the definition of "validity"?
Which of the following are training methods for “non-administrative staff”? (Note: The training methods for "non-administrative" and "administrative" in the textbook should be clearly classified)
Which of the following are the training methods for “management staff”?

Thank you!

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