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Streamline the student leadership experience from day 1 to graduation, and beyond.


Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan

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For individual 

Our priority mission is to improve students learning outcome.  We give student power to leverage their work and study time, and  to teach them how to implement business management knowledge to assist their organization and to improve their personal career development. 

For Business

In order to compete and to improve the prospects of striving students in higher education, we focus on ensure that every individual student has their right/good work skilled  to help a business growth and become a  successful entrepreneurial leaders. (We are not to mention more deeply engaged on just have them pass the exam.   

For Society

Enhance students education attainment and outperform others in the world  through GBMI certification education. We believe by bringing actionable information and tools to the front lines, we can radically improve and expand learning pathways for millions of students. 

Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Application deadline, 06/30/2019

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