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Join our network and stand out today:

  • Drive greater enrollment and interest with the most trusted and respected GBMI® certifications.

  • Support students with a competitive edge that gets them noticed and hired.

  • Provide transferable, real-world Business Management coursework with GBMI® Certification Institute® resources:

       (IHRPM®),  (IPDPM®),  (IAPMP®),  (IAFPM®),  (IAMPM®)

Blend your degree program with world-class professional certifications from GBMI.

Here’s How:

  • Develop a Certification Preparation Program. Prepare students — those just starting out in HR, seasoned HR practitioners, and everyone in between. Offer prep courses to prepare candidates for the rigor it takes to earn one of eight prestigious 5 certifications from GBMI. Each GBMI certification is designed to meet the accreditation standards of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

  • Add the Associate Professional in Human Resources™ (IHRPMP™) to Your HR Curriculum. Designed for transitioning professionals or those who are just beginning their career journey, the IHRPMP™ is the first-ever HR certification that can be earned without prior HR work experience. The GBMI provides a unique way for students to stand out by demonstrating knowledge of HR fundamentals and commitment to the profession. Proven Business management professionals may earn more advanced credentials, such as the IHRMP® or IHRDP®.

  • Offer Credits for GBMI Credentials. Incentivize students and practitioners alike by awarding credits for your undergraduate or graduate HR courses.

  • Become an Approved Provider. Reach the community of currently credentialed business professionals who are hungry for additional knowledge and continuous learning opportunities to meet re-certification requirements and business goals.

  • And More. Contact GBMI today to learn how you can design innovative programs that can be customized to complement your curriculum and meet broader student needs to become and remain workforce ready.

Join Our Growing Network of Schools
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