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Approved Provider (AP)

Approved Provider

Individuals and organizations with HR-themed continuous learning programs can become vital members of the ABIDI Certification College's (CC) community through the GBMI Approved Provider (AP) program. All GBMI-credentialed professionals rely on AP-approved events and activities to earn re-certification credits required to maintain their credentials — making our AP programs what they look for and select to attend.

The events and activities an AP can submit range from webinars to seminars, and from online courses to conferences. Like you, GBMI is committed to providing approved provider resources that help HR professionals to grow and advance, both in their careers and their organizations.

Find more resources to help you broaden and enhance your marketing and event delivery efforts, and provide additional inspiration to support your members. For additional questions about the Approved Provider Program, please contact

What is an Approved Provider (AP)?

An AP is an organization that offers public continuing education events/training that are pre-approved based on aligning with GBMII's Exam Content Outlines.

An individual or organization must apply to become a provider in a contract based 12-months AP program with the following options: 


*This fee is a non-refundable, 12-months administration charge paid upfront and is based on the program type selected.







How do I become an GBMI CC Approved Provider?

If already an AP, simply maintain/renew your application every 12-months. To become an AP, you must apply and register for the program if you or your organization provides HR-themed events or activities. These programs must align with the various Exam Content Outlines for the GBMI suite of credentials. Once your events and activities are reviewed and qualified, they become pre-approved as part of the frequently-visited GBMI CC Approved Provider (CCAP) Directory listing the network of continuous learning opportunities.

What are the Benefits? 

Becoming an GBMI Approved Coach Provider opens your programs to a range of benefits. Pre-approval gives you the opportunity to:

  • use the Approved Provider (AP) seal to showcase your activity as pre-approved by GBMI and that it offers recertification credit(s). The seal is emailed to the administrator/primary contact every time GBMI CC approves a submitted activity.

  • access an Approved Provider Toolkit which provides you with resources and information about AP requirements and step-by-step guides to marketing your events and activities.

  • market your events and activities to thousands of global GBMI-certified professionals who must earn recertification credits to maintain their credentials.

  • receive GBMI's pre-approval Activity ID for your programs and activities.

  • be featured on ABIDI's Homepage Calendar about events and conferences.

  • appear in GBMI's e-Newsletter — circulation to ~150k global certificants.

  • be in a searchable AP Directory — where GBMI-certified professionals go to find and fulfill their learning and development needs.

Start with Your Approved Provider Profile

  • Create/Update your profile and submit your application with payment.

  • Appoint an administrator as the primary contact.

  • Submit BM-related activities that are open to the public. 

  • You must also include at least three samples of your programs or activities per calendar year.

  • Apply and sign a 12-month contract, which must be renewed yearly.

  • Complete an "on-monitor" status period where GBMI reviews the submittals for validity and compliance with GBMI's Exam Content Outlines.

  • The cost is $950 for the AP program and includes unlimited program submittals and one free conference/seminar in a 12-month period.

  • If you decide not to become an AP and only want to submit a conference(s) for approval, the cost is $550 per conference.

How to Become an Approved Provider 

To become an AP, please download the guides below to help you get started:

  • How to register/renew as an Approved Provider 

  • Policies and Procedures



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