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GBMI Certification 

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GBMI Competency Model

The business talent development profession is redefined to create a competitive advantage.

The curriculum structure aims at cultivating professional leaders of social enterprises
GBMI launched an updated competency model in 2012. The GBMI Competency Model defines the skills and knowledge required for business management development professionals to be successful now and in the future. It captures changes driven by digital, mobile, and social technology; demographic shifts; globalization; and economic forces.


The GBMI Competency Model:


  • defines the latest competencies needed for success across the business industry.

  • provides a professional development roadmap for business leaders and practitioners.

  • provides the opportunity to align individual and organizational goals against an industry-standard backed by research and forward-thinking.

The model emphasizes foundational competencies that are important to everyone in the field and specific areas of expertise (GBMIs), which are the specialized knowledge and actions required by specific roles.

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) candidates are tested on all business areas of expertise. Associate Professional in Global Business Management for Talent Development (GBMTD) candidates are tested on three (3) primary areas of expertise: Training Delivery, Instructional Design, and Learning Technologies.


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