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GBMI Certification College

The requirement of earning a certification.

Certification Programs

Doctoral Certification

Level A

Including the ability to plan and control strategic project management and project systems beyond the B and C capabilities. Leadership control, system management, strategic planning, organizational learning, crisis management, continuous improvement.

Requirement to apply: 

Obtained the certificate of the 56-hour CCUs Class A class hours of the certified teaching institution. With more than eight years of work experience and 6,000 hours of project experience. Passed B-level certified and has 4,000 hours of project experience. 

Must Write a strategy plan review passer. Manager and/or business owner with 10 years of working experience with a bachelor degree background. (oral exam required)

Master Cerficifation

Level B

This level of certified certification in human resource management, business administration, and project management professionals has project management expertise and a project function that can serve as a manager for large and complex projects.  Must earned a C-level capabilities, and has human resource management, project management experience and project leadership, promotion and control implementation capabilities. 

Requirement to apply: 

Obtained 46-hour C-level CCUs class hours certification for certified teaching institutions.

With more than four years of work experience and 4,000 hours of project experience. Passed C-level certified and has 2,000 hours of project experience. (examination required)

Certified Associate 

Level C

The level-approved students with human resource management and business project management professionals the basic knowledge of project management and can apply them to the work area. They can also assist the project manager in all projects and serve as members of the project team.

Ability to provide basic knowledge, application and project management related theoretical interpretation of industrial project management. 

Requirement to apply: 

Obtained 36-hour C-level CCUs class hours certification for certified teaching institutions. 

No working experience required. 

Certification Process


The Certification Yours.


Your Certification.

Congratulations! You've made an important decision to enhance your human resource management career and to help advance your organization by earning a recognized and trusted GBMI credential from GBMI Certification College® at HRCC®, PMCC®, FMCC®, ISCC®, and PDCC® Certification® . Your first steps are to create an online account. Let's get started:

Step 1: Create Account

Create an online account with GBMI. If you already have an account, login using your email and password.

Step 2: Choose

Choose the exam that's right for you in the "My Application" section and provide your eligibility information.

Step 3: Build Your Own Bundle

Decide if you would like to purchase preparation materials through our Build Your Own Bundle option.

Step 4: Affirm

Affirm that all information submitted on the application is complete and true, that you have read the GBMI CC® Certification Handbook and agree to be bound by all policies and procedures outlined in it.

Step 5: Submit

Submit the application with payment.

Step 6: Schedule

Schedule your exam within 180 days from the date of approval with our exam partner, International University Center, University of North Alabama, and plan your preparation.

Step 7: Take Exam

Bring an official valid government issued identification with you to take the exam. Review these exam day tips to ensure you are ready for exam day.


Receive Results

Receive results at the testing center and an official results report within 24-48 hours after testing.

Download this step-by-step guide for details on how to complete your online application.

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